Below Grade Waterproofing System

Below grade waterproofing is an application done on underground parking lots, basement and foundation walls, bridges and other structures that require underground waterproofing. These waterproofing systems come with a complete line of sheet and liquid applied membranes with accessory components, primers, sealants and adhesives. Knowing how to install or apply these below grade waterproofing systems takes careful planning, determining the products that you will need to keep everything dry during even the wettest of times.

The success of the below-grade building enclosure system, and selection of the components within the waterproofing system, depends heavily on site conditions and factors such as soil conditions, water table information and the construction process. Fluid-applied or sheet waterproofing systems may be used, but the prevention of water infiltration is critical to a below grade waterproofing system. Water allowed to enter will travel either under pressure or by capillary action to any and all points where it finds a path to enter the structure. Ground movement will only add to the problem, making leak detection and repair a challenge.

Fluid-applied waterproofing systems are particularly attractive for this type of application because they allow no part of the wall or structure to be left untreated or exposed to moisture penetration, even areas of complex detailing are evenly covered. In addition, the excellent flexibility, strength and adhesive characteristics of these waterproofing systems enable them to bridge non-structural cracks, remain flexible at low temperatures and protect against water under hydrostatic pressure.

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