CALEBS SHEET METAL is a custom sheet metal fabrication shop with versatile and competent people who can tackle and handle a wide range of sheet metal applications from decorative copper cornice & ridge pieces to designing and installing specialized sheet metal waterproofing components.

We stock many sheet metal roofing accessories in several sizes. We can manufacture just about any custom sheet metal flashing detail in 24-48 hours. Need a one of a kind sheet metal flashing solution?

For more information please call us at (303) 971-0256 or Click Here to request a free quote.

Calebs Sheet Metal:

  • is a full service sheet metal shop capable of handling the majority of your roofing and custom metal fabrication and duct work needs.
  • can make about any custom flashing detail in a multitude of different colors and have a 24 to 48 hour turn around on most orders.
  • has fabricated and installed many bay windows, copper turrets, and custom chimney caps that can be seen all over the Denver metro and front range areas
  • is also capable of building roof jacks, collector heads, scuppers, roof vents, chimney/curb caps,  and various other items such as roof curbs for pitched roofs.
  • has been servicing the front range and Denver metro area for over 20 years.
  • has on hand an installation crew that can install about anything out there.
  • Accredited Business with BBB Serving Denver/Boulder Areas, with A+ rating.
  • is a customer service oriented company.
  • keeps on hand a wide range of stock items such as:  Roof Jacks (split or solid), Pipe Stands, Split Pitch Pans