What is a Chimney Cap?

A Chimney Cap is a covering for a chimney that shelters the opening from rain, snow, animals, and birds, while permitting smoke and gasses to escape. Chimney caps can be manufactured from steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. The most popular sheet metal used to manufacture chimney caps are stainless steel and black painted steel, while almost any type of metal can be used.

Copper chimney caps can add some rustic style to almost any structure while a stainless steel chimney cap is less susceptible to rust from the effects of rain, wind and smoke. Chimney caps feature side screening or venting to allow gasses to escape while keeping birds and small animals out of the chimney.

Chimney caps are normally mounted onto the chimney with screws at the base tight against the flue tile. Calebs can customize your chimney cap in the even you need to mount from the inside or at an angle. We not only manufacture, but our professional roofers install chimney caps, and any roofing accessories you require.

There are many types of standard chimney caps available, which we can fabricate in our sheet metal shop, or we can customize a chimney cap to your specifications. With different mounting styles and lid types available we can fabricate a chimney cap for you. Call us today at  (303) 971-0256 to find out more!

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Custom Chimney Cap Ideas

All American Chimney Cap

A copper chimney cap with a majestically prominent style where functionality meets patriotism.

Birdcage Chimney Cap

With bird lovers in mind, small birds may find a home in the cage on top.

Campus Chimney Cap

With a collegiate aura and emboldening attitude a campus chimney cap serves up class.

Classic Chimney Cap

These chimney caps fit with any design and accent the structure as a whole. While they crown the roof with a polished look, classic chimney caps keep a home clear of small animals and birds.

Colonial Chimney Cap

Decorated with a colonial style element paying tedious attention to detail with an open air, staggering vent style topped off with a tower.

Crown Chimney Cap

Designed with royalty in mind this trendy style will accentuate your roofing system with its crown resemblance.

Gazebo Chimney Cap

Resembling the style of a traditional home, the home on home look will accent the cozy sit by the fire feeling.

Pyramid Chimney Cap

A dynamic and artistic metal fort with ironclad rodent free and rain fighting guards that has it all for a low price.

Traditional Chimney Cap

With its traditional clean cut look they are a remarkable feature for your chimney.

Wagon Chimney Cap

A cutting edge design accentuating and defining any roofing motif.