Caleb’s Manufacturing’s CNC Shop can make any type of roof flashing accessory you require from residential roofing, commercial roofing, to industrial roofing. Custom cut to fit any roof or roofing application will ensure a weather-tight fit. Our sheet metal shop can also supply flashing materials for walls, window sills, and the base of the wall.

Sheet metal flashing accessories are a form of weatherproofing that shields chimneys and vents against water. Commonly made from sheet metal, roof flashing accessories can include rubber and other synthetics. Proper roof flashing will capture and discharge water into a drainage system to avoid puddles and roof failure. Roof flashing materials may be concealed or exposed to the elements. Exposed roof flashing is usually comprised of sheet metal made from aluminum, copper, treated galvanized steel, zinc alloy, stainless steel, among others. Materials adjacent to roofing accessories should not react chemically to them as corrosion and rust will occur.